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About Us

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The Puzzle Shopping Experience

  • You want to save the hassles of shopping around?
  • You want to have quality products and choice?
  • You want to buy furniture with peace of mind?

You have come to the right website.

At Puzzle Lifestyle and Furniture, we aim to bring you the new shopping experience you have never tried. Our aim is to give you great quality and value home products, with convenience and peace in mind, to find that missing puzzle piece in your home.

To offer a fantastic shopping experience, and differentiate us from normal stores, Puzzle offers the following service for your ONE hassle free shopping experience:

  • Convenience and Trust
  • 5 Working Days Delivery Guarantee
  • Pay On Delivery for Peace of Mind

If you are happy with our products and services, spread the good words out and let others know! Our success will be based on your satisfaction while shopping with us.

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Our Service Promise

In Puzzle we want to build your Trust.

We believe our products are of the highest quality possible, our promise to you is that we will offer highest quality products that you shouldn’t need to worry about warranty.
To reiterate our promise, all of the products we sell comes with standard 2 year, hassle-free warranty. Give us a photo and a quick description of the products issues, and if it is warranty issues we will swap or refund within 7 days, no further questions asked. Our friendly staffs will ensure that you will always receive top notch service that you deserve.
Still not confident? We are now located at 450 Waverley Road, Malvern East. Drop in to talk to us and see some of the samples of the products.
Still not confident? We promise to reply any service email by phone within 24 hours, to ensure that your issues are managed and lessen your headache.

Our promise of Convenience means that you can shop anytime and no need to worry about assembly or long delivery period!
Our website is open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. Any moment that you wish to browse through items, even 2am at night, our products information are here any time. The website is designed for the ease of use and wealth of information.
Even with an extensive content of information, but still feel like asking questions? Our service team will be answering your email queries, within 24 hours.
We will also deliver items in early evening and weekend, to fit around your daily life and schedule, and to make the delivery experience hassle free.
We will also unwrap and assemble all our items for you, so you can enjoy the piece you bought straight away!

You need an item urgently for your weekend party? Can’t wait for 2-3 months delivery wait time? For Puzzle, we ensure that all products are available, and offer 5 working days delivery.
Once we received your order, our friendly advisors will contact you as soon as possible, and offer a 4 hour time period for delivery within 5 working days counting from the moment you placed the order. If we cannot offer you any time slot within 5 working days, we will deliver the order free of delivery charge, or we will cancel the order unconditionally. That’s our promise.

For more information please see our Support / FAQ page

Puzzle Lifestyle and Furniture is a retailer for furniture, homeware and other home related lifestyle products. As we expand our product offerings, our offerings will fit into your home, just like a missing puzzle piece, where it belongs.

Our mission is to bring great products to consumers with efficiency, trust and convenience that are above traditional retailers in Australia, give consumer more choice and better service that are deserved.

Our vision is to become a reputable and well recognised brand in Australia, to become a sustainable operation and brings new, exciting and better shopping experience to Australian consumers.